Hardware Revision Ho! New 2DS XL

In what must be the twilight of the 3DS platform there’s yet another iteration of the hardware coming! What’s that, like, 6 now? That’s gotta be a record. Anyway, the “new 2DS XL” is on its ways and looks pretty damned nice.

The original 2DS was clearly aimed at the younger market. No hinge to break, cheaper more rugged design. The new 2DS XL looks much more premium, putting it on par with the new 3DS line up. This is likely to be a final, less expensive, device to squeeze those last few new players into the ecosystem for the next couple of years. Given that the 3D feature remained largely a gimmick (a decent one, but still..) ditching it on a nicely designed device to lower cost makes a lot of sense.

For me, I’m still patiently waiting for when I’ve suddenly got spare coin I can frivolously drop on a new 3DS (my original 3DS still serving me well!) but I won’t be surprised to start to see this popping up in folks eager mitts through July. 


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