XBox One Voice Activation – Worth The Cost?

The new Xbox features the facility to turn it on by a voice command.  Has no one considered the ridiculous environmental and personal financial cost of this?

To be able to activate your Xbox One by a voice command then the console must be connected to power and in a standby mode drawing enough power to at least be keeping enough hardware to handle constant audio monitoring active.  On top of that to have any further benefit folk are also likely to leave their TVs on standby also.

I don’t leave my current Xbox 360 connected to power when not in use (which means the system clock resets each time.. which is many shades of stupid) because of the electricity the power brick draws when off; if it gets warm it’s using electricity which is costing me money.  TVs on standby have been well documented to draw a surprising amount of power when in this state which, surprise surprise, also costs me money.  Which is any all my mains-powered electrical kit it both turns off and disconnected from the wall socket when not in use.  This save me money and saves wasting electricity (and saves additional pollution / carbon footprint etc etc yadda yadda).

So encouraging people to use a voice command to actually turn on the Xbox One, aside from being open to annoyance and abuse from friends and visitors, is an inconsiderate and poorly thought through policy.  That said, given the history of voice commanding anything, I expect the functionality will be so poor that folk will tend not to use it anyway! 😉

Sauce: Slash Gear: Xbox One ushers in Xbox On voice recognition and command


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