If True This Could Make Mobile Gaming Actually Good

Games on touch-only devices pretty very limited in terms of the styles of gameplay that works. That aside there’s a bigger problem: trying to play the same game between multiple devices and device upgrades. It looks like Google might be catching up to Apple (and maybe bettering) for a unified gaming approach.

According to Slashdot “The leak shows support for saved game syncing, matchmaking, notifications, game invites, achievements, leaderboards, and integration with other Google services.”. If this is all true, and if mobile game developers take it on board, this might help make mobile gaming on Android a little less fractured.

Slashdot: Google Play Games Leaks Ahead of I/O http://feedly.com/k/17hbAfd


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  1. sint4x says:

    Yes! This would be fantastic! Mass Effect did a thing where if you played their mobile game, Mass Effect Infiltrator, it gave you a boost in your console campaign. If more companies could do this, it would create a very interesting future.

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