Yet More Evidence That DRM Doesn’t Help

In this case it’s not so much DRM causing a problem but rather that the removal of it has had roughly zero impact on the piracy of ebooks from publisher Tor (book publisher, not popular porn encrypted browser service).

Tor removed DRM from their ebooks a year ago and appear to have recorded pretty much no rise in the illegal distribution of their wears. Yes books are still being distributed for free by those that have no right to but that was happening even even DRM was still in place. Tor appear to have realised piracy will hasten regardless of DRM and that continued use of it only negatively impacts legitimate, paying, customers.

“‘No discernible increase in piracy’ from DRM-free e-books • The Register”


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  1. Tiggs Panther says:

    Also, see the “Baen Free Library”.

    I don’t know for sure whether all of Baen’s ebooks are available DRM-free, but they have a selection of books (usually first first and second) or a series for DRM-free download as a 100% legal “try before you buy”. They believe that offering some of a series for free, with no restrictions, will work as decent advertising.

    Also, some of David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” hardbacks (from the same publisher) come with a CD copy of multi-format (including plain old HTML) DRM-free entire series back-catalogue and assorted other works.
    I have read the entire series this way and, once I move to a place with more shelf-scape, I do intend to buy hardcopies of the lot.

    1. wiredfire says:

      Encouraging to see some, albeit comparatively smaller, publishers starting to understand that fighting piracy by offering limited and restricted products, when the “free” alternative is completely open, is not a winning tactic!

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