Obligatory First Post

You know how it goes.  You get yourself a new blog, or photo site, or social media presence, and the first thing you do is obvious: post something.  But what do you post?

Well in this case… not very much.  Thing is with any sort of blogging or magazine system is it looks empty and void of interesting content for quite some time.  That’s actually fine and all dandy though because, and let’s be honest with ourselves here, unless you’re a celebrity or some persuasion you’re going to have a readership or something near zero for some time.

So for now this will serve as the “Hello World” of WiredFirePress (@wiredfire on Twitter, this is WordPress.. see what I did there?) for the moment and will likely languish here serving little further purpose.  Do not dwell upon this for this post is nothing more than a combination of words stored electronically in a database and served to you via the interwebs embedded in a salad of HTML.  Which, if you think about it properly, is a wonderful and amazing technological feat but, sadly, most people will just take it for granted.



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